Wednesday, January 18, 2017



I was pleasantly surprised that my students were not overly familiar with these. It was great when they got their messages after scanning. This was a fun activity and did not require a lot of planning time.

Each student was given a worksheet with nothing but a QR code, they scanned it, and were given a message along with a problem to work out. On the board in the front of the class were 3 answer choices, 1 correct and 2 almost correct options. Each had a different message when they scanned them. I used this as a quick formative assessment. If they selected the correct answer, they got praise and directions for their next step. If they were incorrect they were given a small hint and sent back to their seat to work where I could step in and assist.

Afterwards, students worked on a set of questions from Moby Max. I like using the Student Response System. I used a set of questions made by Moby (you can make your own too!)

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