Thursday, January 26, 2017


We used our new tablets with the QR code reader again to make the assessment a bit more enjoyable. Students began with the assessment code. They scanned their code to get the task they needed to complete. In this particular task they were asked to find the group of fractions that were all equivalent to the given mixed number.

I love QR codes, it is cool that you can program them to take you to websites or give messages. After students got busy on the task they then scanned the answers they wanted from the board.

Each code was programmed with a different message based on what I think they may have done to get their answer. If they were correct the code directed them to the next step, which was to write a quick set of notes in their math notebook and practice a few problems.

Behind each card was the answer. After completion students were directed to answer questions on Moby Max Student Response System.

The final step was a worksheet that we checked before class ended.

Very productive day in the 6th grade.

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