Wednesday, March 22, 2017


DISTANCE CAPACITY WEIGHT Converting Metric Units - moving the decimal point converting U.S measurements

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Today's work was mostly on Google Classroom. I am practicing. Today's events were in this order

  • 3 Question Quiz - Differentiated Lesson to ensure all students are on task toward mastery. Score determined what each student did next
  • Move on to Customary Units of Measure
    • students copied the list of measurements from the bonus page and then searched the internet for the correct answers.
  • Early finishers - 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


This is my 1st ever Pi Day Celebration. Today my 6th graders will be hearing the word Pi, possibly for the 1st time. Though Pi is not actually part of our content I am going to associate it with our activities for the day.

We are currently studying ratios so everything we do today will relate back to ratios and rates.

I love "Noticing Activities" students are always right, no matter what answer they give it is always correct.
-students told me all kinds of things like: it looks like a Chinese symbol, looks like it a T and a backwards J, looks similar to the paragraph symbol, etc.
-a few students knew that this was the symbol for Pi and knew that is represents 3.14
-1 student knew it was Pi Day before school started.

-Students were asked to create a rate from the data shown.
-Students were asked to then find the unit rate.
-We then discussed what we could do with the information they came up with. They said figure out how much it would cost to buy 2 boxes, 4 boxes, 12 boxes, then someone asked if we could use the information to figure out how much 1 moon pie cost.
-We figured out what 1 moon pie cost and then talked about why that is important to a shopper.

-Students were asked to create a rate from the data shown.
-Students were asked to find the unit rate.
-Students then determined what 1 roll of smarties cost. ($0.05)
-Students then determined that 1 piece of smarties candy costs $0.003 (what hard for them to picture

Students were then give a package of smarties, asked to sort them out by color and then fill out the worksheet.

-Students sorted their smarties and then wrote the ratio, fraction, decimal, and percent.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Go To GeoGebra


In class students finished up their Moby Max lessons covering ratios and unit rates. Then students practiced their skills and documented their work in their math notebooks. Students also worked on a review to show their understanding of equivalent ratios, which are just like equivalent fractions. For those who were all finished and caught up, they were able to review plotting points, (which I now know we must review this more next week.) As a reward and fun way to end our week the students played Ratio Rumble. We used the reflector app and were able to reflect the app from my iPad to the smartboard. Every student participated and we had a great time being competitive and helpful to each other.

 Plotting Points - Ice Cream Cone

Plotting Points - Ice Cream Cone

Ratio Rumble - Online Version

Friday, March 10, 2017


Yesterday in class

  • Quick notes on Page 89
  • Self paced lessons on rates and equivalent ratios on Moby Max
  • Worksheet on Ratios and Unit Rates
    • Check it Out - students checked their answers, folded their paper hamburger style and attached the worksheet to page 90
  • Quick notes on Page 91
  • Worksheet on Equivalent Ratios
    • Check it Out - students checked their answers, folded their paper hamburger style and attached the worksheet to page 91

Thursday, March 9, 2017


This week students have been working on converting between fractions, decimals, and percents. So to show their understanding the shakers came out. 

Groups were given a shaker with 1 six sided die and 1 twelve sided die. I did this to cut down on improper fractions. To make sure we avoided improper fractions students were instructed to flip them over if they rolled one.

The six sided die represented the numerator and the twelve sided die represented the denominator.

Students shook their shakers to create a fraction. They then recorded it on the "Shaker Sheet" I created for them.

After the fraction was written down, they had to convert it to a decimal and then to a percent.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


  • Every student was given a small package of skittles
  • Students then sorted their skittles
  • Spin the spinner to determine the first color in the ratio
  • Spin the spinner again to determine the second color in the ratio
  • Remember you can write it any of the 3 ways