Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Yesterday we had a bit of a step back when it comes to evaluating expressions. I learned that my students did not make the connection from expressions to equations. During an assessment to make sure they can substitute and tell me if a solution to an equation makes the statement true, they could not tell me. They could not remember what an expression like 4a, means and therefore they could not evaluate it properly. They also were not using the order of operations correctly. So in my attempt to fix this we went through the following slides today in class and did a lot of repeat after me, and clarification exercises to make sure that we finally have the understanding necessary to be successful on math standard 6.EE.5. We will pick up at the last slide tomorrow and do more practice to be sure they have mastery of this standard.

Friday, November 18, 2016


The test will be on Tuesday, all multiple choice. It will cover all the skills practiced thus far in our unit. Please practice the 21 problems. If you can do these you'll do fine on Tuesday.


The last thing to work on before we test on Tuesday. Students realized quickly that they have already been working on this skill. Love it when they make the connections.


We have been working on simplifying algebraic expressions in class. For this activity we walked around the room and marked the like terms to help us use the commutative property to rearrange the expressions. The students then showed that they could simplify the expressions. 

For another practice, students were chosen at random to come to the smart board to mark the like terms, afterward they simplified the expression in their math notebook

The last thing we discussed was the Distributive Property,

For a quick formative assessments before class ended, the students answered the following questions. 

Monday, November 14, 2016


Today Math class and P.E collided! I wrote terms on 72 ping pong balls. I put a like ter on 6 buckets and arranged them around the gym. Students were directed to take 1 ball and put it in the bucket that is a like term. The students were timed so it was important they think quick and run. Bonus points were given to the class that had the best time and accuracy. Below are a few pictures.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Students identified like terms by coloring the ones that match the same color. Sorry, it is upside down. WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

MULTIPLICATION FACTS ARE A MUST HAVE SKILL is a website I just found that will allow you to work on all operations. It will time you, tell you jokes, and record your correct answers as motivation. There is even an app for that!

This is a plea to all my students, please log on and practice for at least 20 minutes each night if you do not have the confidence to say you know ALL of your multiplication facts (no fingers necessary)

Math Facts Pro - The link will take you straight to the multiplication site and is ready for you to enter your name. You can choose "no jokes" if you don't want to laugh or just click the grade level you belong to. The next question is to let the computer know if you know a few facts, many facts, or all facts. Be honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!