Monday, February 25, 2013

HOMEWORK 2/25/2013

Todays problems are:
8, 10, 12



Today to get class started I gave the students all a 1/2 sheet of paper with about 7 questions. The first 4 questions were asking the students to create and simply ratios. The last 3 questions were reviewing rates and unit rates. The picture below is the original and the key. Students struggled to remember how to find the unit rate a bit. Just remember that a unit rate is always a number compared to 1, like 5 to 1.


It has come to my attention that many of my students have claimed that they do not remember how to divide decimals. So with that being said I have gone and planned for decimals to be included in our activities and lessons as much as possible in order for us to review. With that said, many students realized really quickly that they did remember, but that has not caused me to change any plans.

Todays Do Now was "Mary bought 6 donuts for $2.10, what is the cost of each donut."

Afterwards we did a few demial division problems together and then I assigned a few to be done at their seats for a grade, below you will see the problem key. Please feel free to practice these and check your answers and work to see if you still got it!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Took a quiz and we realized that we weren't quite ready to move on. So after the quiz everyone worked on the worksheet that was assigned on Tuesday.

**Please remember that a ratio is a comparison of 2 quantities**
**It is VERY important that you read the questions carefully**

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ratios Coloring Game


It was a crazy day yesterday so I'm making sure everyone remembers what a ratio is. As they walk into the classroom they are getting a worksheet. This is counting as the DoNow and they will get some bonus points for correctness on the sheet.

Afterwards we did an activity with Fruit Loops to make sure we know how to compare and write a ratio.

HOMEWORK 2/19/2013

This is a copy from our textbook.


This was the Do Now to get us started so we could talk about and learn more about a ratio. Some students said they had heard the word before but couldn't explain it. The Do Now fixed that :)

1.) Look at the picture and record the data
 red - 5
 green - 3
 purple - 10
 orange - 7
 yellow - 6
I asked for people to make comments about what they noticed from the data. Right away a student said "there are more purple than any of the other colors." She hit the NAIL ON THE HEAD, I then asked what she had to do to come to this conclusion and another students said "she compared the purple to the other colors" YES YES YES.

This was a great way to start our lesson, I quickly said this comparison can be made into a ratio because that is exactly what a ratio is, a comparison of quantities. Together with the class we began comparing the numbers of each skittle.

Purple to Green
Yellow to Orange
All to Purple

Afterwards we looked at the 3 ways to write a ratio, you can use a colon, the word "to", or write the comparison as a fraction. For example, 1:3 or 1 to 3, or 1/3


Here is a video to help you get familiar with the vocabulary for the Ratio and Proportion Unit.

We are starting a new unit on Ratio's and Proportions. This week we are going to be working with Ratio's only. We will be learning how to write a ratio, simplify a ratio, and create other equivalent ratios.

A ratio is a comparison of quantities.