Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Students were given the following paper. 
Round 1: Each student was handed an expression. They had to write it in the first box of the grid and simplify it.

  • Make a paper wad out of their paper and threw it in the middle of the room.
  • When I gave the direction they went into the pile and picked a new paper wad.
Round 2: The next expression (must have scratch paper) students had to use scratch paper to determine where they put the next expression. 
  • If the expression is equivalent to the first, expression #2 must be written in the box beside expression #1.
  • If the expression is different than expression #1, then expression #2 must be written in the box below expression #1.
  • Make a paper wad and return to the middle.
  • Get a new paper.
Round 3 and so on: This continues until the grid if filled up. There are a total of 24 expressions.
  • If a student gets to the bottom of column 1 and thinks another expression must go there, he/she has made a mistake. There are only 6 different expressions used in this activity.
  • They will need to go back and check their work or have a peer or myself double check their work.
  • The distributive property has caused most of the problems. Please remember to multiply the number outside the parenthesis by each term inside the parenthesis.

Here is a quick demonstration of how everyone got their next problem to work.

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