Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Today in class students were working in groups to create a NET which is a 2-dimensional figure that when folded will create a 3-dimensional figure. 6th grade students only have to concentrate on finding the surface area of right rectangular prisms. 

Students were given this sheet while with their groups.

This page instructed students to have a quick discussion to come up with a definition for the word Surface Area and then list 3 characteristics of the box they were given to work with. Afterwards students then:
1.) Traced the side, front, and bottom (2 of each)
2.) Cut the side, front and bottoms
3.) Laid each piece on the box and then began to take it apart in order to correctly lay if flat
4.) Tape the net together
5.) Measure the length and width of each side (all 6 rectangles are labeled with their length and width)
6.) The activity will continue tomorrow.




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