Friday, November 4, 2011


Sharpen up those pencils and get ready!


1) I will split the class into 5 or 6 teams. Our teams will be in rows.
2) I will give each team the same order of operations problem.
3) Each student on the team is allowed to complete only ONE step. To keep track of this each team member will have a different colored pencil.
4) When the student finishes his/her step, he passes the paper back (the last person in the row has to run up and give the paper back to the first student) until the problem is completed.
5) The first team to finish wins … almost. The teams that aren’t done must turn the paper over while I check the answer. If it’s incorrect, I will write the work on the board and the remaining teams can resume their problem solving until a team comes up with the right answer. Afterwards we will find the error together so that all teams can be successful on the next round.

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