Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11/15/2011 HOMEWORK

WORKSHEET 1-6     2-18 EVENS
WORKSHEET 1-9     2-18 EVENS


  1. done it is a little hard

    kalin skaggs

  2. Leah Walker
    I hope that we could write our answers on notebook paper...Because I did.

  3. working on homework its but im getting it

  4. ross and i worked for awhile on his homework tonight. I'm not sure if we did it right. Thanks, Michele Jones

  5. You can.. use nb paper.. Sometimes i forget that we are adolescents. We don't know the difference, sometimes I forget that I myself am an adolescent.
    With which is true, I believe that kids don't know life situations, discovering dating, and the fact is we don't know about dating.
    Dating is a relationship.
    Sometimes those relationships are true, and whats right. Sometimes they aren't.
    But, whatever goes you can emotionally get hurt.
    Matter in fact sometimes physically. What there is we do not know is that, we in fact don't need relationships quite yet.
    Getting emotionally hurt is nothing you want to bare with. Sometimes you are the one who does the emotion hurting.
    This as being one of the most hardest things to do, girls will bother you. Guys will ignore you.
    As this hurts to be ignored. Through as being bothered with crush.
    Crush as in meaning be annoyed.
    We will find that, you can't do all which wants in a relationship when you are kids. Most as if you can do is maybe kiss.
    What I'm trying to say is, adolescents don't know love, some do though, but not the full meaning.
    Relationships aren't meant to come and go. They are meant to last.
    Having trouble with being annoyed is something I decree in. I don't get annoyed fastly, though people can be so annoying sometimes.
    Just doing stupid things, when you're trying to be serious.
    Dating isn't meant to be as played with. Taking a chance is worth it though.

  6. It was hard but I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!