Thursday, February 20, 2014

I GOT IT!!!!!

On Wednesday we played a not so new game called "I Got It!" (basically BINGO)
  • Students were given all the answers to fill out their playing card
  • Students were given a package of smarties candy to use as their place markers
  • Problems were presented on the smartboard
  • Students were given 1 minute (give or take a few, especially if I forgot to set the timer) to complete the problem
  • To make sure we were understanding I called on a student to give the correct answer each time. If they were correct a bonus point was given.
  • We discussed any problems along the way

Here is an example of a students "I Got It!" Card. Usually we use dry beans to mark our places but I have changed my ways. I do not like picking up beans off the floor. To avoid that I started having the students use smarties. They want to eat them so they don't let them hit the floor. It worked great!!!!

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