Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Tell me at least 5 things you can think of associated with positive and negative numbers. To post your answer follow the directions below.
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  1. d024
    1, -3, negitave numbers are less than 0 positive numbers are above 0 23 -232

  2. D012
    1. Positive numbers are whole numbers.
    2. Such as:0,1,2,3,4 etc...
    3. Negative numbers are numbers that are lower than zero 0.
    4. Such as: -0,-1, -2, -3,-4 etc..
    5. Positive and negative numbers are not hard to learn the meanings of.

  3. DO13
    1. Positive numbers are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6, and so on.
    2. Negative numbers are -0,-1,-2,-3 -4 and so on.
    3. Negative numbers are below zero.
    4. Positive numbers are just regular digits (whole numbers)
    5. Negative numbers have a "-" symbol before the digits.

  4. d025
    1.Positive Numbers are 0 and up
    2.Negative Numbers are -1 and down
    3.Positive Number Ex. 1,278
    4.Negative Number Ex. -12
    5.Real World Ex.The football team lost 12 yards.(-12 Yards)

  5. d021
    Positive numbers are greater than 0
    Negitive numbers are below 0.
    If someone says they owe you-$20
    it neans you owe them $20
    If someone gains 50 yards from 20 they get 70 yards
    Negitive numbers always have a minus before them

  6. D022
    1.When you play softball, if you have 12 points, that"s a positive number.
    2.When you have a negitive number you have to put a misuns sign.
    ex. -34
    3. Negitive nubers are before zero
    4. When you run out of money in your lunch account, you could have -.25
    5. If you have 6 jackets that's a poossitive number

  7. D001 negitave numbers are below the number 0 ex
    -1, -2, -3, and so on
    positive numbers are 0 and above, they do not have a negative sign beside them. (im so smart!!!)
    8) 8)

  8. d016 Positive numbers are greater than 0. ex: 2 touchdowns are scored at a football game.2 is a positive number. Negative numbers are less than 0. ex: The temperature is -3 degrees. -3 is a negative number.When you add two positive numbers the value becomes greater.

  9. D005
    When your in a game and the other team gets a touchdown and gets put in the lead thats a negative number. When the Bombers score 6 points and puts them in the lead that is a positive number.When someone wins the lottery the amount of money is a positive thing.When someone has to pay something that costs a lot of money is a negative number.When some one gets their pay check that is a positive.

  10. (D006)

    * Positive numbers are above 0
    EX:012345678910 etc.

    * Negative numbers are below 0
    EX:0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 etc.

  11. d011
    examples of posotives
    .scoring points at a gome of some sort
    .getting more money
    .getting more presents
    .getting older
    .getting more vehicles

  12. D018 negative numbers are below 0 example: -1,-2,-3 etc. positve numbers are above 0 example: 1,2,3 etc.

  13. d002 Positive numbers are just whole numbers. And a negative number is just a number below zero Ex.
    A positive number would be 8,6,21,35 and so on.
    A negative number would be -8,-9,-26,-59,and so on.

  14. D014

    the game was 5 to 4
    there was 2 apples and there was 3 of us
    the game was 6 to 10
    there was 20 computers but 26 computers
    there were 26 computers and 25students

  15. d009
    1. In a volleyball game, we had 20 points. Postitve number!
    2. I lost $20. Negitive number
    3. My cat just had 7 kittens (positive number), but we lost 2(negitive number).
    4. I got a 100 on my test. Positve number.
    5. We had to do 100 problems. Negitive number.

  16. D023 negative #'s have a - sign in front of them. positive numbers are higher than 0. negative number are lower than 0. positive numbers are even.ex: tempature 86 degrees or tempature -11 degress below freezing.

  17. d003 Negative numbers are below zero positve numbers are above zero

    Ex. 1337 pos

    Ex. -1223

  18. do2o

    5 things i can think of associated with positive and negitive numbers are: addition signs, subtraction signs, positive numbers such as 1,2,3,4,and 5, negitive nubers such as -1,-2,-3,-4, and -5, positive and negitive nuber math problems such as 1-2=-1, and I LIKE PIE

  19. do17 Positive numbers are any number above 0.They can be multiplied and more:ex 45+2=47.Another example is 56+57=113.Positive numbers can also be subtracted:5-2=3. Negetive numbers are any number below 0.And are presented with a minus - like so:-6. -3+-6=-9. Here are some negetive numbers:-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.THANKYOU EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!