Monday, April 9, 2012

HOMEWORK - 4/9/2012

We have 20 school days to review for testing. So tonight for Review #1, I need you to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers. Below you will see 2 different video with instruction in case you have forgotten anything.

Steps for tonights homework.
  1. Make sure you have your worksheet. (there is one below in case your forget, just click on it and then print it or you can copy down the problems on notebook paper)
  2. Watch the video if you need some extra help.
  3. If you watched the video, leave a comment.
  4. Complete the worksheet (this will be graded in class tomorrow)


Multiplication Video

Division Video 1

Division Video 2


  1. Hi Mrs.White this Alexis Smith and i wanted to tell you I watched all the videos and they helped a real lot.

  2. Hi just wanting to know if you got my message by the way this is alexis smith again.

  3. Charida**
    Thanks the videos helped