Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yesterday was kind of a blur. So I need to welcome everyone back.
WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!

We began talking about number lines and integers (positive and negative numbers)

In class students were to create a K-W-L chart on the back of their homework page. They were to write what they Know and Want to know in class. After the lesson they were instructed to fill in any information they learned.

Also they were assigned the back side of the worksheet. On this they were supposed to use the vocabulary associated with Positives and Negatives to help them complete the assignment. For example, a question might have said "write the integer for a deposit of $20." They would first look at the keyword deposit and know if that relates to positive or negative to determine if they use a (-) or a (+) sign in front of the number given. In this example the answer would have been +$20.

Also from the worksheet they were to answer questions about absolute value (the distance away from 0). This is always a positive number because it is talking about distance. Absolute value questions are written using a sympol that looks like 2 parallel lines. Between the parallel lines is a number, either positive or negative and they are to determine how far that number is from 0. The realized really quickly that this is always a positve of the number inside the parallel lines. For example, the absolute value of -2 is written like this, l -2 l. The answer is 2 because on the numberline -2 is 2 spaces from 0.

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