Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I had a very unusual activity for the class today, we headed off to the computer lab to check out a new website we have never used before. I went prepared with 2 backups incase technology wasn't on my side. Well you guessed right, technology was not my friend today, 1st attempt; I'm not sure what happened, everything just started working really slowly and that means crazy kids. 2nd attempt; I think we almost blew up the site, come to find out only 16 students can be on the same chat at one time so that didn't work with 30 + kids. 3rd attempt; I had the kids come to the blog and sign up as followers, this meant they had to use their newly given school email addresses to create a google account in order to be a follower. This also didn't work out. Of the 30+ students 4 were successful in creating their Google account and can now follow on the blog.

Nothing got accomplished today, :(

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